WildClaw would like to thank its guest collaborators, sponsors, and most of all, you, our wonderful, tentacular fans, for helping to make our production of The Shadow Over Innsmouth into an absolute splash.

Now, the set is struck, the boils are burst, and the shoggoth has been banished to another dimension (or so it lets us believe), but while Innsmouth has gone into the deep freeze, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still eager to thrill and chill you further this winter. Stay tuned, as WildClaw Theatre presents its first foray into that most especially horrifying of special days, Valentines Day.
Join us for some WildClaw deep cuts this February.

Join us for some WildClaw deep cuts this February.

This February 14th, at 8 pm at the Den Theatre, WildClaw is proud to present Open Heart Surgery, a Valentine’s Day Salon. Join WildClaw as they explore matters of the heartand lungsand liver...

Featuring new original bits and pieces directed by Katie Horwitz, Noah Simon and Manny Tamayo, and starring a host of WildClaw family fiends, this promises to be an evening of heartstopping, sidesplitting entertainment perfect for those more likely to be committed than to commit.

Tickets are 10 dollars and can be purchased at the Den Theatre tonight!


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