Deathscribe On Tour: The Pandemic Initiative

A staple of Chicago’s vibrant theatrical scene, WildClaw Theatre’s annual horror radio play festival DEATHSCRIBE has sold out historic Chicago venues including Lincoln Hall, The Mayne Stage, and The Music Box Theatre. Now the virus is mutating, and it’s ready to spread to a town near you.

THE BEST OF DEATHSCRIBE, featuring five of our favorite pieces from our 9 years of competition, was recently featured in a limited run at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, and a sold-out performance at Chicago’s legendary Steppenwolf Theatre. The production can be scaled to fit your needs, and to accommodate the technical capacity of the venue. We can even customize the program to include tailor-made commercials for local businesses.

For more information on how to bring DEATHSCRIBE to your town, contact us at

“What you will see is like ‘Prairie Home Companion’ meets ‘Tales from the Crypt.’” – MiamiArtZine
“This format only intensified the hair-raising atmosphere, as it encouraged the listener’s imagination to run wild in these scary stories.” – The Miami Hurricane
“Leave it to this talented crew to toss conventional wisdom out the door and host one of the most unique, terror-filled evenings imaginable!” – Terror from Beyond the Daves
“That sound. Masticating. Gnashing. I don’t know. It’s hard to describe, but it was strange enough that it woke me right up.”

From Earwigs by Joseph Zettelmaier
Winner of Deathscribe 2015

Miami 2016
Kansas City HEAR Now Festival 2017