Well, boils and ghouls, spring is here, in technicality, if not in spirit. Ah, springtime: when the birds sing, the bees buzz, the gardens bloom, and WildClaw’s fancies turn…and toss…and wake up screaming, yet again.

But WildClaw, you ask, what could possibly be frightening about spring, the season of hope? Of regeneration? When we break free from Old Man Winter’s cold, dead hands and Mother Nature comes roaring back to life?

Papa was a rollin' stone. In an avalanche.

Papa was a rollin’ stone. In an avalanche.

Well, you sweet, summer children, I could remind you that for every anime-eyed foal taking his first steps, there is a wolf whose adult teeth have grown in. OR I could mention that for every daffodil poking its way out of the earth, there’s also a grasping, decomposing hand we wish would stay content pushing up the daisies. Never mind the fact that a newly-thawed rushing brook is cold comfort to the campers that have stumbled across it for the third time.

But instead, I’ll ask you to mark your calendars for our next holiday treat, Risen: A WildClaw Easter Special. Easter Sunday, our One Night Only event features shorts by Aly Renee Amidei and Shawn Pfautsch, a sneak preview of the locally-produced apocalyptic zombie epic Chrysalis, a staged reading of Troll 2, and A Very Special Announcement from your fiends at WildClaw.

You've got red on you.

We hope you’ll join usĀ April 20th at 7 p.m. in Strawdog Theatre’s Hugen Hall. Tickets are ten dollars in advance, twelve at the door, and you can buy them RIGHT HERE…

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