I was a C2E2 virgin. In fact, I was a convention virgin.

I didn’t know what to do, where to begin, how to navigate… So, I called upon a trusted convention slut who I knew would show me the ropes.
Being privileged enough to be a part of a horror theatre company, we were able to score some VIP passes that allowed us early access. We grabbed some lanyards & maps and set out. Now, being a virgin I expected a little foreplay before getting heavy but I know now that that was a silly expectation. As soon as you’re in, you’re in.
Boothes sprawled out before you in a vast grid with all their goodies on display. T-shirts and posters and stickers, Oh My! Not to mention the displays of practical & collectors weapons (i.e. “stabby things”, of which I’m a big fan…), buttons, masks, hats, jewelry… Sensory overload like woah. However, I had my Con Vet, so we walked the grid and took it all in bit by bit. What was fantastic for me, was being able to actually speak with the artists behind the artwork I admired as I meandered about. Some were local Chicago folk, others had traveled as far as Seattle or Miami but all were showing off what they do best and they wanted to talk about it. They wanted to share what they do and so I picked up postcards & business cards like a drunk Trixie picks up STD’s at the John Barleycorn in Lakeview.
By the time more of the Wildclaw Clan arrived, we were about halfway through and the public had been unfurled in the room. Beautiful, organized Chaos. It was then that Wildclaw’s fearless leader, Aly Amidei, took the stage with Sparky Bobby Kind of Evil Squirrel comics, Dave Dorman, Film makers John Pata & Adam Bartlett, Brian Kirst & Rafael Nieves to talk about horror, community building & the web we can create when we cross-over mediums. Ideas were shared and nerd love was made in the form of idea sharing. So hot…
I had to duck out early due to a voodoo curse put upon me by unknown supernatural forces, but before I left I stopped by Menton Matthews’ booth and picked up a nude of Death. A haunting, inspired print that I find myself staring at for extended periods of time. Also, I couldn’t leave without another print that I found. Sweet, sad, stark yet utterly feminine work by Chicago’s own Tanya Zolotareva. Do yourself and favor and look into both of these artists. Gorgeous and terrifying works that you need in your life.
So, I left C2E2 gently throttled and ready for round 2. April 26-28, 2013, are you here yet?