Just a little reminder to visit the Rondo site and vote by the end of the month.

Lady Morlock and I did so together earlier this week. A couple of healthy disputes: (Troll Hunter better than The Skin I Live In?) and couple of solid agreements: (Aaron Christensen rocks! Vote for article in HorrorHound (print only, sadly, but vote for it anyway!), tracing the evolution of Body Snatcher-like movies from 1956 to the present) And a whole slew of nifty new horror blog links to click on, including…

Kindertrauma, which we checked out just for the name. Great stuff. And it lead to this, a link to Candle Cove, which made Lady Morlock do her “omigod, omigod” thing. She made me read it and it absolutely blew my mind.

Seriously: so evocative, so creepy. Our living room was brightly lit, my wife was sitting next to me on the couch, but still I sank into this, got chills and BELIEVED. I almost posted a response: “Yes, yes, I remember that show too! Scared the SHIT out of me!”

And then I read the back story and interview with the creator, Kris Straub, whom I will now stalk.