The Rocking Dead

The Rocking Dead

WildClaw has been ridiculously lucky to have Understudy Lloyd Vincent Anderson support us throughout the run of Scott T. Barsotti’s The Revenants, including stepping (or staggering?) into the role of Joe several times. We’re talking today about excess, honesty, and What Scares Him.

1) Do you consider yourself a horror fan?

Oh, Yes.  I like how the horror genre has an endless amount of categories you can venture into to get your fix.  Right now I’m diving into some Weird fiction.

2) What was your introduction to horror?

I went to a Catholic grade school here in Chicago, and we had a haunted house in the basement of the church.  Haven’t been that scared for my life since.  It eventually closed due to complaints of it being too frightening. (Or funding, I can’t remember.)

3) Zombies: Fast or Slow?

Slow. You can’t hear slow coming from a distance.

4) How is creating a character for horror different than for other genres of storytelling? What lessons have you learned from this project that you’re excited to use in the future?

I didn’t find it all that much different in my approach.  Because the circumstances are heightened in a Zombie Apocalypse setting, my main focus was to keep my work honest while honoring said circumstances.

5) What Scares You?

Failure.  Porcelain dolls of any size.  And long brown-haired women running down hallways toward me in a deranged manner.

Annabelle's a hair color away from a hat trick (burn).

Annabelle’s a hair color away from a hat trick (burn).

Scott T. Barsotti’s The Revenants MUST CLOSE this weekend! Don’t miss it!

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