Understudy in Emerald

Understudy in Emerald

Bergen Anderson understudies both Karen and Molly for Scott T. Barsotti’s The Revenants, and we can all learn a thing or two about how seamlessly she switches from friend to feeder. We’re talking today about her formative years, heightened realism, and What Scares Her.

1) Do you consider yourself a horror fan?

I guess it depends on what you call horror. I cannot watch scary movies, they make me afraid of my life. I AM a big fan of monster/creature movies and tv shows. Sometimes those fall under the horror genre, right?

2) What was your introduction to horror?

I remember seeing a movie in middle school about vampires and it was so so scary. It made me scared of rocking chairs for a very very long time.

3) Zombies: Fast or Slow?

Slow. Then I have more time to run away (see question 5).

No, don't tell her you learned how to use the elevator--let it be a surprise.

No, don’t tell her you learned how to use the elevator–let it be a surprise.

4) How is creating a character for horror different than for other genres of storytelling? What lessons have you learned from this project that you’re excited to use in the future?

I think creating a character in the horror genre has the possibility of being extremely imaginative when you consider that you might be working with heightened realism or even within another world. Working on this project has definitely helped me embrace horror as something that can be fun instead of just really f-ing scary. (Can I say that?) I would say I’m excited to see more horror theatre!!

5) What Scares You?

Things under the bed (I’m serious). Being chased (this is a big one).

Come see what has Bergen so excited about horror theatre! The Revenants performs at The Athenaeum Theater through February 22nd!