I don't see any thorns, but man is this rose SHARP.

I don’t see any thorns, but man is this rose SHARP.

Today we’re learning the legend of Mary Rose O’Connor, director of “Down by the Lake” by Ignacio Zulueta for Deathscribe 2014. Mary recently directed OUT OF DISORDER at The Greenhouse theater where she is the Director of Education and Special Events, and runs the Trellis bookstore. She’s also a producer for The Gogo Show, a bi-monthly comedy showcase. We’ll be talking with Mary about flexing new muscles, small town living, and What Scares Her.

How did you get into horror?

Wildclaw! My first horror experience was The Life of Death.

What excites you most about directing horror, compared to other genres?

Well I tend to not watch Horror because I’m a huge wimp and everything scares me. So the exciting thing about horror is flexing new muscles and confronting my fears face-first.

What in this script resonated most with you?

This story resonated with me because I think as a kid I found myself always believing in urban legends. I spent the better part of my adolescence in an historical Civil War town, one that had tons of ghost stories. I remember sitting around during sleepovers and retelling stories about inexplicable things happening in our town. This story, the parts that seem fantastic and the parts that seem comedic, felt a lot like the stories we used to hear about as kids.

What do you consider the biggest challenge in directing for “radio,” compared to traditional theatre?

Well the biggest challenge, I would say is bridging into this medium. I’ve directed a lot of staged readings, so I’m used to “lack of movement” but without seeing the actors, the focus is more about painting the picture aurally. This is my first radio play!

What sound would you most like to see/hear performed in a Deathscribe piece?

Does death have a sound?

He HATES the refrigerator joke.

He HATES the refrigerator joke.

What scares you?

Rabbits. Literally. I have a phobia. Also serial killers wearing clown masks and little children singing softly.

Come see what Mary Rose dredges up from the lake at Deathscribe on Monday, December 1st at the Mayne Stage Theatre!

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