A mixologist and wordsmith--how can a mad scientist make me so happy?

A mixologist AND wordsmith–how can a mad scientist make me so happy?

Today we’re hearing playback from Deathscribe 2013 finalist Mark Harrison, author of “Record/Record.” Occupying the nebulous space somewhere between charlatan and professional, Mark Harrison spends much of his time marveling at his fortune to have the best girlfriend, a fantastic roommate, and a wonderful dog in his life. “Record/Record” is the first of Mark’s writings to be produced for an audience, and he would like to dedicate it to his friend Dan Harris – Dan, who is entirely responsible for Mark’s love of horror and rambling into a tape recorder. When not working with the fantastic Omnimax team at the Museum of Science and Industry, Mark enjoys learning more about obscure liqueurs than is strictly necessary, extolling the virtues of bitters, being critical of ice, and thinking about gin. We’ll be talking to Mark about how Horror builds community while making you one of The Cool Kids, as well as What Scares Him.

How did you get into horror?

The biggest, coolest looking books in my grade school library were the cellophaneprotected Stephen King hardcovers. I distinctly remember reading “IT” at far too young an age. After experiencing the sensation of walking home from a friend’s house and getting deliriously frightened of a storm drain, I became hooked on the thrill that horror offered.

...and love every minute of it.

…and love every minute of it.

What excites you most about writing horror, compared to other genres?

The opportunity to share disquieting observations and personal terrors, and to find that there are other people in the audience that feel the same way? There’s a sense of perverse community when we relate over something unsettling.

What sound would you most like to see/hear performed in a Deathscribe piece?

Oh man. That’s a hard question because I’m such a starry-eyed goob when it comes to Foley sound effects. Everything from simple footsteps to crunching skulls gives me a thrill.

What scares you?

I started thinking “disease, creeping contagions, plagues of undead” and then I started thinking, “axe murderers, giant monsters, the deep ocean” and then also “uncaring visitors from space, horrible disaster” and then I concluded “shit, I don’t want to die.” Life is awesome. Anything that interrupts that is pretty scary.

Mark wrote us a play that’s awesome AND pretty scary, so you’d best check it out at Deathscribe 2013 on Monday, December 2nd at the Mayne Stage!

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