All of the good little boils and ghouls in WildClaw are hard at work reading this year’s treasure trove of submissions for Deathscribe 2014. Rest assured, there are vampires, there are sea monsters, there are serial killers, and a couple more that…well, while they defy description, they have already begun to worm their way into our hearts and braiiiiiiiiiiins.

But don't axe me where...

I tell ya, that Sutter Cane is going places!

But we know that doesn’t dull the ache of waiting for Deathscribe 2014 on December 1stninety-nine whole days away. That’s ninety-nine lifetimes to a mayfly, and twice that to my downstairs neighbor (shh–don’t tell him). Lucky for you, live radio fans, we have just the thing to keep your blood a-boiling and ears a-ringing: Our Fair City’s live show at Chicago Fringe!

Our Fair City is a locally produced, internationally loved dystopic science fiction podcast entering its sixth season. They’ll be gracing Chicago Fringe with a noir-styled live radio show set in a world run by the nefarious Hartlife, which prizes efficiency and algae production above everything else, until a series of mysterious deaths prompts Detective Jack Winters to cut through their web of red tape.

Opens Thursday, August 28th!

Opens Thursday, August 28th!

Featuring Deathscribe 2013 darlings Jeffrey Gardner and Jared Latore, along with the vocal talents of Kat Evans and Sebastian Orr, music by DJ Catnip & Betsey Palmer, and WildClaw’s own Helper Monkey/Foley girl Ele Matelan, this production promises powerhouse performances and a body count that would make even the WildClaw daemon’s eyes bulge and mouth water.

You can check out the Fringe performance schedule & buy tickets here, and delve deeper into the world of Our Fair City here with previous seasons and comics, brought to you by Hartlife: all the life you’ll ever need.

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