Hi ‘claws, Ele here.

I’m thrilled to share that my poem, “The Last Lullaby,” which Steve Herson read so deliciously in a recent Deathscribe, has been selected as a semi-finalist for the 21st Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award for poetry!

Less "muse," more "amusing."

As you can see, everyone is thrilled.

The finals are tomorrow–Wednesday, July 23rd, at 7 pm at the beautiful Chopin Theatre. The 20 semi-finalists will perform their nominated pieces, and audience voting will determine the winner of the $500 grand prize!

I hope that those of you who favor cursed verse can join us at the Chopin tomorrow night–as with all things WildClaw, our fans support means the world to us.

Gwendolyn Brooks

^_ _^