WildClaw Theatre Company proudly presents Deathscribe 2016, the Ninth Annual International Festival of Radio Horror Plays on Monday, December 5th, at 8:00pm. This collection of bone-chilling audio nightmares will be performed live at Deathscribe’s NEW VENUE, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago.


Dead Ringer

By Tim Griffin
Directed by Aileen McGroddy
Featuring Dave Fink, Lee Brophy and Darren Hill

Father Ronan gave his sermon in the cemetery that night as Fergus and Doyle drank over the lonely resting place of Patrick Cahill. And as the fog rolled in, they told the tale of the strange bell on his grave and wondered if they did indeed hear something…

Aileen McGroddy is a director, movement director, and clown. She is a founder of the Whiskey Rebellion, where she curates The Whiskey Radio Hour, a recurring night of new radio plays and live music. She is a Forks & Hope Ensemble member, where she most recently directed A Hero’s Journey. She is also a company member of TUTA, where she directed the TUTALab Have a Seat and movement directed Music Hall, The Anyway Cabaret, and The Jewels. Other recent directing credits include Ulysses (The Plagiarists), 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and In This Final Century (Theatre-Hikes), Chicago Shorties (A.O. The Trunk Show), and MUTINY (Chicago Fringe Festival). She has also worked with The Hypocrites, The House Theatre, Court Theatre, Theatre Y, and Emerald City Theatre.

Recently WildClaw’s resident Maestro of the Macabre Ele Matelan fixed this year’s the directors of Deathscribe 2016 with her withering glare. Below are some of the answers she exorcised from Aileen McGroddy:

What do you consider the biggest challenge in directing for “radio,” compared to traditional theatre?

What’s exciting about directing for “radio” goes hand in hand with what is challenging about it. It’s about finding the right amount of information to convey that the audience’s imaginations can build the world in their heads, but not so much that they can’t fill in the gaps. In the live radio play format, there is this added layer of performative reality, which can be in conversation with the fictional reality in a really exciting way.

What sound would you most like to see/hear performed in a Deathscribe piece?

I would love to hear a journey through the human body, Magic School Bus-style, but scarier.

What additional projects do you have going on right now?

I’m Movement and Associate Directing The Snowy Day at Emerald City Theatre, and Movement Directing Gentle at TUTA.

What scares you?

The feeling of being alone but not quite sure of it.