Ele Matelan

Director of Public Outreach

Ele served as one of WildClaw’s trusty helper monkeys for several years before joining the company, but that was really just so they’d let her near the sharp objects. She has appeared in WildClaw’s Kill Me and The Shadow Over Innsmouth; wrote The Bridal Suite for Motel 666; produced and co-wrote WildClaw’s holiday salons Open Heart Surgery (Valentine’s Day), and Risen: Rebirth, Renewal, Revenge (Easter—natch); and serves as WildClaw’s resident Foley Artist. In addition to her haunted home, she is a company member with The House Theatre of Chicago, and her native Dallas’s Mr. Toad’s Theatre Circle. You can hear her voiceover work playing Cassie Wilkins in seasons 5 and 6 of Our Fair City, the award-winning post-apocalyptic audio drama, currently available at OurFairCity.com.