Deathscribe X

Monday, December 4, 2017 @ 8pm
Lincoln Hall
2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

In our continued quest to acquire original, imaginative horror stories, we solicited and received over 100 new works from theatre and horror aficionados around the world. These final five radio plays have emerged, perhaps slightly bloodstained, as finalists of the grueling selection process. Join us to see who will be this year’s victor and winner of the coveted Bloody Axe Award!

These five finalists will send thrills up your spine as they are brought to life by Chicago’s finest actors and directors, accompanied by a live band and a team of sound effects artists complete with live Foley onstage. The winner of the Bloody Axe will be chosen by a panel of horror and theatre experts.


THE DEATHSCRIBE ORCHESTRA featuring Joe Griffin, Laura McKenzie, Eric Engleson, Tim Koelling, Hilary Holbrook, Tim Griffin, and Paul Foster*

LIVE FOLEY designed by Ele Matelan*, performed by Moira Begale*, Ele Matelan, and Shandee Vaughan*

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Josh Zagoren*, Artistic Director of WildClaw Theatre

*WildClaw company member



By Scott T. Barsotti
Directed by Charlotte Drover

A sound engineer subjects himself to sonic torture in pursuit of his obsession.

“Infrasound doesn’t cause people to think they’re seeing ghosts.
Infrasound causes people to
see ghosts.”


By Bill Daniel
Directed by Thrisa Hodits

Everyone gets a little anxious about visiting the dentist.
Some people have better reasons than others.

“There is a sharp pain in Teddy’s mouth, like the screeching of a violin.”

Creatures of Circumstance

By Travis Williams
Directed by Sara Sevigny

Sue and Mary-Beth have a hole in their basement.
Sometimes, things crawl out of it.

“I’ve got it under control. I’ll kill it good. Just like the others.”


By Dan Finnen and Sarah Gise
Directed by Sydney Charles

Terry knew he’d be able to hear things he hadn’t heard in years, but the whispers in his new hearing aids are more than just the air conditioning…

“So you’re saying that you heard voices… in your hearing aids?
Do you hear those ‘voices’ in your hearing aids right now?”


By Jim McDoniel
Directed by Kaiser Ahmed

Father Felipe catches a thief stealing from his church, and hears a late-night confession that draws him into a nightmare.

“I saw him looking at us. Really looking. And after that… I just knew.”