Open Heart Surgery 2: Invasive Procedures

WildClaw Theatre returns with special event for those who seek an alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day festivities. Featuring new works of horror by Brooke Allen, Travis Williams, John Taflan, and Kristina Lebedeva, OPEN HEART SURGERY 2: INVASIVE PROCEDURES is an evening of live music, poetry, and live horror radio plays that are not for the faint of… heart.

Featuring Kevin Alves, Moira Begale*, Lili-Anne Brown, Diego Colón, Vallery Dolls, Joe Griffin, Kristina Lebedeva, Ele Matelan*, Norine McGrath*, Jose Nateras, Corrbette Pasko, John Taflan, Christopher M. Walsh*, and Kaye Winks.

The daemons of WildClaw are excited to return to the LookOut series and Steppenwolf’s 1700 Theatre for this one-night-only event.

*WildClaw company member