WildClaw Theatre is delightened and SO frightened to announce that last Monday, our Deathscription was filled when 2014’s coveted Bloody Axe went to Christopher M. Walsh for his tale of underwater exploration gone horribly, horribly wrong, Fracture Zone!

Axe Walsh

He’ll tell you no lies…no matter how much you beg…

First Lieutenant Farragut and Crewman Rickover are members of the crew of the Deep Submergence Vessel NR-2. In fact, they are the only members of the crew that have held onto their lives and sanity (…?), after their mission to investigate seismic anomalies results in the mysterious derangements and dismemberments of their colleagues. Sinking fast with their former crewmates howling at the door, they have rerouted just enough power to record a warning for anyone else unlucky enough to stumble across the “Fracture Zone.” Directed by Sara Sevigny and starring Corrbette Pasko and Noah Simon, this feature from the black lagoon thrilled our judges with its actors’ spot-on timing, the writing’s ratcheting claustrophobia, and Foley effects that left us feeling CRUSHED.

In her house at Factory, dread Sevigny waits dreaming...for Deathscribe 2015

In her house at Factory, dread Sevigny waits dreaming…for Deathscribe 2015

The daemons of WildClaw are toiling away to bring our previous Deathscribes to the website for your aural pleasure. As always, words cannot express our gratitude for all of the hard work put in by our playwrights, directors, actors, musical guests, sponsors and patrons that keeps Deathscribe the definitive horrorday event to make hearts sing and ears bleed. Deathscribe is a celebration of scary stories, more importantly, Deathscribe is a celebration of YOUR scary stories. It would not happen without our audience, our fun, fearsome, fantastic fans that push us every year to bring you the best in live horror entertainment.

Submissions for Deathscribe 2015 will open in the spring, and while it is time to lettuce rest (it was feeling beet), WildClaw’s Winter of YOUR Discontent is far from over. This January, we ring in the new fear with our bold new production of Scott T. Barsotti’s The Revenants:

A violent uprising of the undead forces two couples into hiding, and infected spouses take a turn for the worse. Gary and Karen tether their turning partners, Molly and Joe, for the safety of all; but as Molly and Joe fall deeper into sickness, the question of whether or not they are still themselves becomes harder and harder to answer as they become more threatening. As Gary and Karen come face to face with the true meaning of commitment, they must ask of each other: when does love die?
That ain't the honeymoon suite...

That ain’t the honeymoon suite…

The Revenants previews on January 8th & 9th and OPENS on January 10th at the beautiful Athenaeum Theatre. Join us!

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