From the fine folks at Arcade Brewery…

This Saturday, we’ll be hosting our second monthly Brew and TweetThe event will begin at 8:00 pm CST.  Location?  Basically anywhere you have access to Netflix Instant.

So, what is Brew and Tweet?

  1. We, as a community, decide on a movie that’s playing on Netflix Instant.  We use a Netflix Instant title, so more people have access.
  2. Everyone who wants to participate presses play at 8:00 PM CST 
  3. We all tweet our comments (e.g. MST 3000) and also talk about the brews we have in hand.  Don’t forget to hashtag #kiltscreen after each tweet so we can all follow the same feed. 

If you missed the first Brew and Tweetwe watched Highlander to celebrate the William Wallace Wrestle Fest design competition.  This week, we’ve selected a few movies that we think would be fun for the event and need your help deciding what we watch.

Here are the options for this month’s Brew and Tweet:
Evil Dead (1981), Tremors, Double Dragon, 13th Floor, & Shoalin Soccer.

To vote, go to our Facebook Page this week and tell us what we should watch together this Saturday!

Coming up next for Arcade Brewery:

  1. We are providing some secret Arcade Brewery zombie swag, including a Tony Moore signed print and signed shotgun shells at this year’s ph Productions’ Zombie Pub Crawl on April 20th.
  2. Come see us at this years C2E2!  We will be on a Beer and Comics panel with Revolution, 3 Floyds, Goose, Barnaby Starve, CB Cebulski, Tony Moore and more!  April 27th, 6:30-7:30 PM.
  3. The brewery is moving along on schedule and are currently in review on our license.  We can’t wait to get our brews in your hands!