Why Pontypool Is Important To Me
By Anderson Lawfer

I love Zombie Movies. Love em. I love the idea of different races, ages, socioeconomic
statuses of people banding together to battle a common enemy. Sort of like Star Trek! I
love the use of found objects as weapons. I love how easy zombies die. I love the fact the
no one in a zombie movie has ever seen a zombie movie. I love the inescapable end all
characters face. They may live through the movie, but you know where they are headed.

The compass has only one direction. This is a real life truth, as well.

But, my favorite part of every zombie movie is the first 25 minutes. When the disease
starts in a small place, possibly spread by a corporation, or the Government. Maybe it
started on a farm! Maybe it is from Aliens! It never really matters where it starts, and the
good ones never let us know, because our protagonists do not know.

What excites me is the speculation, paranoia, and confusion.

It’ is a theme I find myself being drawn to in most of my favorite pieces of work. Kafka’s
The Trial was my first experience as a young adult with this theme. Why is Joseph K.

In zombie flicks as in Real Life we are, more often than not, not given the information we
need to make a proper decision. We have to rely on information from news channels and
friends, tweets and text messages.

Do you remember the morning of September 11th? We all turned on the news expecting
them to have the answers, but nobody had any answers. All we knew was that some shit
went down that was going to change everything. It took us a good 8 excruciating hours
to have ANY actual information, but during those 8 hours, it was an endless stream of
theories and designs we made in our brains that meant nothing and almost none of those
ideas ended up being the real answer.

So to me, Pontypool is the perfect piece. It is the clearest horror allegory for the world
we live in now. No answers, only a relentless storm of horrifying information with no

The War Of The Worlds on crack.

To me, there is nothing scarier.

-Anderson Lawfer

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