WildClaw is proud to present a One-Night-Only unholy alliance with Chicago institution Barrel of Monkeys.

Barrel of Monkeys uses theatre, dance, spectacle and comedy to present creative writing from CPS elementary students as original sketches and songs.

Tonight, WildClaw joins BOM as special guests in their cross-cultural and cross-community extravaganza, Chicago’s Weird, Grandma!

WildClaw company members and some extended family will be putting their own devilish spin on an Untitled piece by Francisco V from the Loyola Park After School Program, which shows what happens when a zombie horde meets Kid’s Best Friend.

SEE Casey Cunningham as a young girl who laughs in the face of bedtime!
SEE Michaela Petro as the most loyal pet a kid could ever hope to have in a zombie apocalypse!
SEE Dave Skvarla as the leader of the zombie horde!
SEE Moira Begale as the ambassador from beyond the stars!
SEE Mandy Walsh as a mom who knows how to keep her family safe!
SEE Ele Matelan in jeans and a t-shirt!

Say “Rombies!” at the Box Office for discounted tickets.