Tomorrow…they come…eyes flashing…teeth sharp…

WildClaw in the Wild is back tomorrow, Sunday, September 1, huddled around the dwindling fire in the refuge at 3031.  The apocalypse is upon us.  The final WildClaw in the Wild is here. Sarah Saltwick will be joining us, from both Minnesota and Texas.  She hails from many borders and many lands.  She is adaptable to many climes.  She is formidable and resilient.  She is like nothing we’ve seen before.  Keep the fire low…

The WILDCLAW IN THE WILD series takes place on the first Sunday evening of the months of July, August, and September.

Tomorrow’s reading begins at 7:30pm at 3031 (3031 N. Honore); doors open at 7:00pm and there will be a special musical guest each month performing before and after the reading.  Suggested donation $5.

September 1
by Sarah Saltwick
directed by Carolyn Hoerdemann
Featuring Diego Colon, Steve Herson, Sadie Rogers, and Lisandra Tena

After the collapse of the civilized world, people are struggling to survive. Technology has failed. Food is scarce. Rabbits have grown huge in size and frightening in strength. Cass has fled a compound to hunt for a better life. Her journey leads her to the isolated home of Jackson and his daughter Dove. After these three days, nothing is the same.

Musical guest Sadie and the stark!

SARAH SALTWICK is a graduate of the Michener Center at the University of Texas in Austin and Hampshire College, and is a 2013-2014 Jerome Fellow at the Playwrights’ Center.  Recently her adaptation of The Scarlet Letter was seen on UT Austin’s mainstage. She writes new love stories between people, places, and things. Her plays are built of hope and danger; fantasy and history; that which is impossible and that which is necessary. Her work has been presented, developed or produced by the University of Texas at Austin, Nouveau 47, Westmont College, paper chairs theatre company, TheatreMasters, Scriptworks, WordBRIDGE, Bristol Riverside Theater, Shrewd Productions, and Last Frontier Theatre Conference. She has been a finalist for the Heideman Award and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival and was twice nominated for Best New Play by the Austin Critics Table. She’s written plays inspired by giant rabbits, Texas, guacamole, Dolly Parton and more. Her fiction has been published by Escape Into Life and is forthcoming in Timber Magazine.