Effusive thanks to all who helped to make WildClaw in the Wild: Stories by the Fire the success that it was.  We had smores.  We had music.  We had beer.  We had beautiful actors lit by dancing flames on three glorious summer nights.  Sometimes there were fireflies.  Sometimes there was a little rain.  I think at some point something might have been conjured, we’ll have to check in with John over at 3031 and see if they have any sightings or poltergeist activity in the coming months.

Thanks to all who attended WIW, as well as the actors and directors who presented each play with morbid glee.  And thanks especially to our twisted playwrights Joseph Zettelmaier (DR. SEWARD’S DRACULA), Brian Watkins (MY DAUGHTER KEEPS OUR HAMMER) and Sarah Saltwick (RABBITS) for sharing their works with us and our audience.

We’ll hopefully be doing more fireside readings next year.  In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on other WildClaw events, productions, salons, and general dementia.