So this thing is happening…and we are jazzed.  Tickets have gone live.  There is lots of chatter and excitement. Beer sponsored by the boys over at DryHop ChicagoKBH Media is making the Fear Box even more fearier.  Have you started picking out your outfit yet?  Do you have no idea what Dark Steampunk is?  Well fear not…soon you will be bombarded with posts and information.  Get your goggles on kids…it is going to be a swell fall for the fiends and friends of WildClaw!

Invite everyone you know.

Ms. Michaela (that is Ms. Lulu Boilermaker to you) and I checked out the most recent event thrown by the fine fellows and ladies over at Steampunk Chicago.  Great fun was had by all.  We played lawn tennis America….or maybe it was croquet?  Something with mallets.  Of course we both noticed what fine bludgeoning weapons they would make…le sigh.  I highly recommend attending their upcoming events.  You will find many like-minded souls as we did.  Their Clockwork Vaudeville evening is happening on September 14th…it seems a splendid steampunk double-feature weekend to me?

Rehearsals and design meetings are well underway for The Life of Death opening in early October.  Get your tickets now.  It is going to be crazy good.

Then the greatest gift of all comes in December….the Fifth Annual Deathscribe Festival of Horror Radio Plays at the Mayne Stage on December 3rd.  We are reading your creepy weird submissions right now and once again, we thank you from the bottoms of our filthy hearts for sharing your creative weirdness with us.