EVENING_HOURS_website_001The Paper Machete, October 26, The Green Mill

Join WildClaw’s own Josh Zagoren, Scott Barsotti, Ele Matelan, Mandy Walsh, Brian Amidei, and Artistic Associate Kyle Hamman as they bring a little taste of DEATHSCRIBE to the Paper Machete.  The Paper Machete is a free, weekly “live magazine” covering pop culture, current events and American manners.  Part spoken-word show, part vaudeville revue, The Paper Machete features comedians, journalists, storytellers and musical guests performing in one of the greatest bars on the face of the planet, The Green Mill.  Join the spirits of Machine Gun Jack McGurn and good old Alphonse Capone, as we gather round and listen to some spooky stories in Uptown.

3pm, Saturday October 26th, Green Mill Jazz Club, 4802 N. Broadway Ave.  Admission is free…but be nice and buy an awesome martini from the great bartender and tip him well…because that martini will be perfect.