So, the remade Dark Shadow’s movie has finally released a trailer, and BOY… does it look wrong.  I want the argument to be “But they just can’t do a serious horror soap opera like they did in the 70’s for today’s audience unless it’s tongue in cheek,” but really… I’m QUITE sure they can.

That having been said, here’s commentary from Wildclaw friend, Mr. Bile, who compares this to the soon to be rebooted by NBC, but most likely to suffer much less publicizing, Munsters.

My main reaction was thinking, “So… Tim Burton really wishes he had directed the Addams Family movies in the 90’s?”

So, yeah, it’s not really Dark Shadows at all, izzit? But on the other hand, I’m interested in seeing Modern Day Tim Burton working together with The Tim Burton Who Directed Beetlejuice. It might be a good collaboration.

But somehow, I’m feeling sad for The Munsters. Never really liked the show that much as a kid, other than the opening theme. But still… don’t tell me Eddie Izzard is going to play Grampa Munster, but then follow that up with, “The show’s going to be edgier and darker.” …I mean, how is that even possible?

I wonder if this is some kind of cosmic balance thing. “Well, since the Addams Family recently became a broader borscht-belt comedy, I guess we have to become less zany. No way around it.”