“People got used to this far too quickly.”

The population of cockroaches has exploded worldwide. A massive private paramilitary company has replaced the police force in all major cities, and the general public is almost fully armed. Palazzo, unarmed pacifist and severe entomophobe; tries to maintain some shred of sanity and normalcy as society erodes around him. He loses family. His co-workers disappear. And if he listens closely enough, he hears increasingly ominous sounds emanating from unknown sources; at times, it seems as though the sky is screaming.

Single Version, the debut novel by WildClaw company member Scott T. Barsotti, is available for pre-order online as part of the Inkshares Nerdist Collection Contest. The top five books (as decided by number of preorders) will be published in the Nerdist Inkshares Collection.

As a playwright, Scott has thrilled and terrified WildClaw audiences with original plays The Revenants and Kill Me, and his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Check out a sample chapter of Single Version at Inkshares and pre-order your copy today. The contest ends September 30th.