Mort Castle (Celebrity Judge, DEATHSCRIBE I) and his Columbia College colleague Sam Weller have compiled a fantastic book: 26 stories inspired by Ray Bradbury.

An amazing assembly of authors: Neil Gaiman – Margaret Atwood – Jay Bonansinga – Sam Weller – David Morrell – Thomas F. Monteleone – Lee Martin – Joe Hill – Dan Chaon – John McNally – Joe Meno – Robert McCammon – Ramsey Campbell – Mort Castle – Alice Hoffman – John Maclay – Jacquelyn Mitchard – Gary Braunbeck – Bonnie Jo Campbell – Audrey Niffenegger – Charles Yu – Julia Keller – Dave Eggers – Bayo Ojikutu – Kelly Link – Harlan Ellison.

Harlan Ellison. I just read his wikipedia entry and couldn’t stop grinning. He voiced himself on an episode of Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated!!

And check out the spectrum of names blurbing for the book:

“Great new tales of imagination in the Bradbury tradition.”
— Hugh Hefner

“There is no more fitting tribute to my friend Ray Bradbury than a compilation of wonderful short stories! Ray is a champion of libraries and one of America’s most inventive teller of tales. I cherish many happy times engrossed in his stories. This anthology reflects the high imagination, visionary ideas, and fantastic writing that Ray is loved and known for around the world.”
–Laura Bush

“Ray Bradbury is without a doubt, one of this, or any century’s greatest and most imaginative writers. SHADOW SHOW, a book of truly great stories, is the perfect tribute to America’s master storyteller.”
–Stan Lee

“SHADOW SHOW is a treasure-trove for Ray Bradbury enthusiasts as for all readers who are drawn to richly imaginative, deftly plotted, startlingly original and unsettling short fiction.”
–Joyce Carol Oates

Hugh Hefner and Laura Bush. Amazing.

Then again, we’re talking about Ray Frickin Bradbury. Superlatives aren’t enough. Maybe capitals:

THE MAN CHANGED THE COURSE OF IMAGINATIVE FICTION. He is a living legend. His stories infect your brain and give you a fever. A mild, deliriously joyful fever. The symptoms will pass but the VIRUS IS WITH YOU FOREVER, affecting how you see and think about the world.”
–J. T. Andronicus “Mister” Morlock

So here are the links to follow to pre-order a copy. I did so immediately. So should you.

Or if you’d like the collectable –