Lady Morlock and I watched the first episode of season 4 of Sci Fy’s Face Off a night or two ago. Great stuff for fans of fantasy, horror, movie making and geekery.

Although this bizarre love child of Crispin Glover and Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg here is plenty earnest, entertaining and talented, the real standout is, of course, J. Anthony Kosar.

He handily won both the Immunity Challenge and the Achievement Challenge and was gracious, professional and cool throughout. If this show features any “Survivor” style back-biting, bitching and ganging-up, he’d better watch his back. If it’s a purely talent-based competition, it might be a bloody, latex-y cakewalk.

Either way, it’s pretty fun viewing, and this from a man who loathes reality television. Although if Lady Morlock twists his arm enough, he might admit to having enjoyed an episode or two of Project Runway — although that was mostly because of the company in which he watched it.