(i know Summer School is a comedy flick, but if you’re reading this site, you will appreciate the clip.)

although school may be out for most kids, some are sadly going to be stuck in summer school. we all know how difficult it was (or still is) to fit in during the regular school year… giving up a chunk of your summer while dealing with the fears of fitting in and possibly losing touch with friends who aren’t there with you has got to be even tougher.

having never been to summer school myself (though if Mark Harmon were teaching i probably would have flunked my classes on purpose), the only thing i can liken it to is my first trip to a horror-convention — my friend and i walked in shy, timid, unsure of ourselves or whether we’d even fit in (luckily we had each other to cling to), but by the end of that first day we had a whole slew of freaks to call friends and a place to call home!

ok, so maybe that’s a stretch and summer school is not going to be as nearly amazing as a horror convention, but it’s definitely not something to lose any sleep over — heck you may be wishing you can do it again & again!

so… do YOU have any summer school horror stories?