mauraMaura Kidwell returns to us this weekend for the final four performances of Motel 666! You can catch her on either end of intermission in Hanger On and The Bridal Suite.

Do you consider yourself a horror fan? What is your favorite genre of horror?
I’m not a fan of blood and gore. cruelty in entertainment is instantly nauseating to me, despite it being a necessary part of many stories. But being on the other end – the creative end- of a horror piece is different, and not nauseating so far. I do, however, consider myself a huge paranormal fan, in movies, books, TV, and especially in real life. I’m a junkie for it. Motel 666 has a fair bit of that.

What was the first time you encountered horror in entertainment? Was it a book, a movie, a play or something else?
Night of the living dead. I saw it when I was about five.

Does acting in a horror piece present any unique challenges or opportunities? Have you done any horror theatre before, or is this your first time? What is your favorite part about being in a horror piece?
This is my first time doing horror theatre, and I’d say the biggest opportunity/challenge is leaving reality at the door and giving over to absolutely absurd circumstances.

How have motels played a role in your life?
I totally hate motels, hotels, sleepover parties…anything that isn’t my own bed.

If you could take on any role in any horror tale what would it be and why?
I’d like the opportunity to play a real life serial killer, like Charlize Theron did in Monster. It would be fascinating to crawl around in a mind like that for a while and figure out what the hell went so horribly wrong.

What is the one thing that scares you the most?
That changes all the time. Right now, it’s house centipedes because one of those little fuckers decided to take a shower with me this morning.


ONE WEEKEND LEFT! Motel 666 runs through June 28 – get tickets here! Performances will be held at the DCASE Storefront Theatre, 66 E. Randolph Street, with shows ThursdaySaturday at 7:30pm and closing Sunday at 2:00pm.