stevieStevie Chaddock is another member of the “my first horror experience was a Stephen King movie and it messed me up” club, which seems to be a running theme with Motel 666 artists. She brings a lot of diversity and power to the stage with her three performances in Sirens, Bridal Suite and Coulrophobe, and this weekend only you can see her in Hanger On as well!

Do you consider yourself a horror fan? What is your favorite genre of horror?
Yes. Absolutely….though these WildClaw cats put my fandom to shame… Not sure I have a favorite genre. Psychological horror definitely scares me the most. And the bloodier the better I always say.

What was the first time you encountered horror in entertainment? Was it a book, a movie, a play or something else?
Ah, yes. Children of the Corn. I saw this film at the ripe old age of seven at a friend’s house. I was TERRIFIED. I made my parents come pick me up at 2 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep. But after I got over my initial shock, I realized how fun it was to scare and be scared.

Does acting in a horror piece present any unique challenges or opportunities? Have you done any horror theatre before, or is this your first time? What is your favorite part about being in a horror piece?
I think horror theatre in particular has to be very collaborative. There are many effects that are necessary for the story (and hell, just plain fun), and they can’t be achieved without lots of hands-on-deck. My favorite part? Blood! And guts! And eyeballs! And vomit! And ALLLL the bodily things!

How have motels played a role in your life?
Well, I really hate motels so my hope is that they don’t play a role in my life ever, but a few years ago my family went to Paxton, IL, for a reunion and there are ONLY motels in and around that town. In our room, there was an armchair with a GIANT dark red stain that went from the back cushion down to the seat cushion. The front desk manager seemed unconcerned. Because it was late, we didn’t want to venture out for another option. I didn’t want my bare skin touching anything in that room so I slept in my clothes…and then burned those clothes when I got home the next day.

If you could take on any role in any horror tale what would it be and why?
I don’t know that I have a particular role that I’m dying to play. However, I can say very definitively that I love playing the monster, villain, killer, “bad guy/thing,” etc. in any horror story. I’ve always been small and fairly sweet-looking so playing roles that are very much the opposite of that type are super exciting to me.

What is the one thing that scares you the most?
I really hate spiders, but honestly, losing my memory scares me more than anything.


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