“A naked toddler and a skeleton struggle fiercely over the body of the mother’s child…”

That quote is the first line in an article by Lori Waxman in today’s Chicago Tribune. It got my attention! After all, baseball, apple pie and dead mothers bodies. It’s so American. Well, just kidding. Not everybody likes baseball.

OK, OK. Here’s what I want to share. The quote is from an article about a new exhibit at the Cultural Center in Chicago. “Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection’ is the title of the exhibit. “Four centuries of trophy heads…crochet corpses…represent what must be one of the broadest surveys of cultural attitudes towards death ever gathered in a single gathering place.”

With WILDCLAW’S upcoming fall show, The Life of Death (adapted by Charley Sherman from a Clive Barker short story) this exhibit is of particular interest to us. If we’re going to show you death we need to lock ourselves up in a crypt with it. Breathe it’s air, get intimate with the impending fate that awaits us all. What a great study guide for us all prior to seeing The Life of Death. Better than actually dying. Then you’d miss the show.

Below is a link to the article and all the particulars of the exhibit.

See you there.