This past Monday at Lifeline Theatre in Rogers Park, Chris Hainsworth’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett‘s Monstrous Regiment premiered.Chris Hainsworth is one of the Daemon’s most favorite WildClaw Artistic Associates. “Something about the scent of his blood…” he said. “Egyptian papyrus, aged tobacco & the ink of an Ancient One.” Now, I don’t know about all that, but he makes a great mix CD.

I’m not an avid Pratchett reader. Truth be told, I’ve only read Monstrous Regiment to prepare for the role of Maladict. But Pratchett’s Discworld is amazing & rich & HILARIOUS.

If you’re in the Chicago area, stop by and check it out!

Our cast and crew are stoopid.

Sarah Price as Polly Perks is new to us in the WildClaw clan, but she’s got moxie and we’re into it.
Robert Kauzlaric, one-time Deathscribe judge and avid one who appreciates the strong qualities of Event Horizon, as Lt. Blouse.
Chris Walsh as Sgt. Jackrum has been known to participate in Deathscribe both as a performer, and in 2011 as a finalist with “Comparing Notes at the End of the World”.
Mandy Walsh and I met when I murdered her in Carmilla. “Tonight…” was always hers, and the matches are always hers as Lofty.
Kim Boler is a huge Discworld fan and a regular participant of Bruised Orange‘s “I Saw You” at the Town Hall Pub. As Tonker, she has a tendency to face off with… Everyone. Always.
John Ferrick is our man of many faces as Corporal Strappi, General Froc, one of Heinrich’s biatches & Bernice the washerwoman. He’s a friend to the claw and is birthing a monster soon.
Justine Turner is Carborundum. We had to turn down the a/c in the theater to make sure, as the troll, she’d get her lines out in a timely manner.
Katie McLean Hainsworth & I met when I was a bad penny at the very first Deathscribe. As Igor, she’s always pulling something out somewhere. Stitching, fixing, lisping.
Matt Engle is our man of many moustaches. He’s our Handsome Young Man, Prince Heinrich, Lord Rust, Paul & … Let’s just say he’s got to polish himself up a bit. A member of The Factory Theater, he was recently nominated for a Jeff Award for his directorial work on Incident on Run #1217.
Melissa Engle is a sweet dream and our Wazzer.
Oh, and me. I’m Maladict. Yes. Total typecasting.