So, how do you feel about isolated houses in the woods?

Pretty cool?  You’re on board with that?  How about the basement?  You feel like headin’ down there?

Yeah ok, it’s not so bad, just a little spooky, nothing to worry about.  But wait…what’s…down…um…there?

Our next 2012 Deathscribe, Travis Williams, wants you to know.  Go ahead, hold his hand.  Seriously, he’s a very nice-looking guy, very gentlemanly.  Follow him, it’s easy.  Look, no tricks.  He’s not gonna show you anything in particular.  It’s no big deal, what’s back here.  It’s just your worst nightmare.  Love makes you do crazy things, and two lovers and would-be criminals confront each other, themselves, and their horrifying future when faced with THE WALL.  Christy Arington directs this plunge into modern terror.

Written by Travis Williams
Directed by Christy Arington

Travis Williams is very excited to join the amazing writers of Deathscribe! Hailing from Ohio, Travis has been active in the Chicago arts community for several years, and is a proud company member with Theatre Seven of Chicago. He has been writing stories and plays from a very young age, and has always been a fan of the strange and scary. Thanks to my wife Elizabeth for her love and support, and thanks to WildClaw for creating this horrorific event!