Though they have been out for quite some time, I noticed this weekend that the Monster High toy collection by Mattel is thriving and expanding — adding several new characters to their lineup. The toy line is based on series cartoons centered on teen monsters in high school. Products consists mainly of a sort of hybrid between Barbie/Bratz fashion dolls & accessories (Note: some of the joints on the fashion dolls seem pretty fragile.), some hug-able plush versions of more popular characters, as well as home & personal accessories for your child (or your inner child). The Mattel website contains background stories on the characters as well as games and activities.

In addition to the “given” teenage Werewolf and Frankenstein characters, you’ve got teen versions of mummies, Jekyll & Hyde, a ghost, a Gorgon, a gill girl, and yes, even a teen fashion version of an abominable snowgirl.

Is this something you would have gone Cabbage Patch crazy for as a child, or might need to go crazy for now?