Many, many, many blood-soaked thanks to Anthony and Kathy Jaskulski for playing their part in making our Masque of the Red Death benefit such a huge success. They took time away from their busy schedules with school, work and Dream Reapers (Chicago’s Most Horrifying Haunted House!) to help keep the folks on their toes at our not-so-little soirĂ©e.

Anthony showed off his make-up artistry using the faces of Kathy and Susan Hooper as his canvas, before transforming himself to creep out our guests, while their souls (or what was left of them) were captured by Kathy and her magical camera.

If you want to see some of Anthony’s handiwork, and see what they do outside their day-to-day life, visit Dream Reapers, Chicago’s Most Horrifying Haunted House!