So we here at Wildclaw believe that you should give the gift of horror this holiday season.  Here are a few ideas:

For your techno-geek brother:
Jason Voorhees Flash Drive…  By Hemingwayfun!

For the wine-lover…
Tentacle wine-stoppers by Dellamorte & Co.

For that  snowboarding teenage boy:
Cthulhu Ski-Mask by Knotty Fingers!

For that teenage girl:
Cute Pink Octopus necklace by Donna the Dead!

For your mom:
pretty pendant by Red Robin

For the ironic hipster:
Subversive T-Shirts by Dark Cycle Clothing!  I am fond of Shark on a Bike.

For the friend who thinks everyday is Halloween:
An awesome mask by Peruresh!

For the College student:
Awesome Horror Posters to put up instead of  black light posters…by Artwork by Vlad!

Your favorite Hell Hound:
Get your beast some schoolin’ at Animal Sense!

Your potentially homicidal co-worker or boss:
Help them calm the killer within with some Yoga classes at Om on the Range!

Your Narcissist Younger Sister:
How about a private photo shoot with Austin D. Oie!

For the Foodie:
Horror themed plates and mugs by Folded Pigs!

For the Gamer:
Check out the RPGS for the Dresden Files by Evil Hat!

For your Twi-Hard Niece:
Twilight Dolls by Tonner Doll Company!

For your office grab bag:
A gift certificate to the yummy Sazon Light meal plan for a week!

For the Theatre Lover:
Get them tickets for the DCA Storefront.  We heart them.

Take them to Blue Man Group

For the Fitness Lover:
How about a membership at the swankiest David Barton Gym!

And don’t forget you:
I adore these silicon ‘cut throat’ necklaces.  I wear mine all the time.  Get one from Von Erickson’s Lab!

And FINALLY…don’t forget to give a little gift to Wildclaw!  By giving a little (or a lot) to us you will help support our mission to bring horror to the Chicago Stage!  It is a gift that will keep on giving…and quite possibly bleeding.  Donate now!  Any amount is welcome and will help!