Horror fans are always sniffing out fresh blood, so WildClaw is hoping you’ll check out this kickstarter campaign for Yellow: A Modern Giallo Horror Film.

Gialli, the Italian psychological thrillers known for slowly building tension that culminated in grand guignol displays of gore, were named for the yellow-spined, mass-marketed paperback books that became synonymous with mystery and suspense thrillers in Italy. The Giallo movement is considered to be the predecessor to the American 1970’s slasher movie craze.

Filmed in Chicago and featuring WildClaw collaborator H.B. Ward, Yellow tells the story of a woman whose new life in the big city has barely started before it begins to unravel. Then the bodies start piling up.

Check out their trailer, read up on the cast, and donate some cash if you can. If anyone should be responsible for bleeding you dry, it’s these guys.