Any Chicago-area DIE-hard fans just chomping at the bits to get up close and personal with your favorite horror celebrities?

Flashback Weekend (August 9-11) and Wizard World (August 8-11)are offering fans the chance to come face to face with their favorite stars this weekend. Flashback’s headliner is George Romero and cast members from Dawn of the Dead. In addition to many pop culture icons, sci-fi and action stars, Wizard World features stars like Linda Blair and Buffy’s James Marsters and cast-members of tThe Walking Dead. You can even purchase tickets for some professional photo ops at both shows via Celeb Photo Ops for both shows — most stars at Wizard World and one night only with George Romero

The 2 conventions are literally right across the street from each other in Rosemont, IL this weekend, and can be tons of fun during and after the shows, as you are bound to bump into some of the stars at the hotel bars and restaurants as the night progresses. None of this comes cheap though, so if you get starstruck very easily, you may need to break open the piggy bank soon.