Speaking of Charlie’s post re: the Thing. Saw the trailer for the reboot/prequel/whatever-damn-terminology-is-appropriate before the remake/why-not/easier-than-marketing-something-original of Fright Night.

Weird. Trailer seemed to be the original Carpenter film on fast-forward. Like its going to be a shot-for-shot homage, a la that bizarro Gus Van Zandt exercise back the day. Only with a chick instead Snake Plisken. Really weird.

So how was Fright Night? A bit more than meh. Maybe a lot bit more than meh. Colin Farrell did seem to have a lot of fun in the two or three scenes he actually got to talk. And act. And jitter and twitch and sniff and smirk. Hell, it was a lot of fun. And you get “Evil Ed” McLovin in the final fight scene. If you can’t be satisfied with that, you’re watching the wrong movie.