“The story must be told.”

WildClaw’s production of The Woman In Black closes Sunday, April 23rd, and we’re excited to offer $15 tickets for the final weekend. Just use the discount code CLAVIANS when you place your order online. Do not miss out on your last chance to see this critically acclaimed “horror fan’s dream!”

“This production is a horror fan’s dream! … 10/10!” – Geek N Out

“Thakkar and Koon continuously engage the audience with an in-the-moment warmth that evokes empathy, and with it, a deeper and more thrilling experience of their terror.” – PerformInk Chicago

“I clutched my companion’s hand in fright more than once.” – EDGE Media Network

“Despite the creative minimalism of the play-within-a-play conceit, the production values are robust. There are enough jump scares to satisfy any horror aficionado … The transitions between framing device and the frightful tale of Eel Marsh House are clear and flow well, aided by Emma Deane’s lighting design. … Sarah D. Espinoza produces an outstanding soundscape that lives up to their acclaim, and each creak and screech is precisely deployed.” – TheaterMania

“There were a lot a really chilling moments. I saw the movie and I thought it was scary, but this was scarier because everything was so up-close. Whenever anything terrifying happened it felt like it could reach out and get you.” – Ada Grey Reviews for You

“Who knew a simple scrim could be put to such creepy effect?” – Chicago Reader