Friday is opening for the newest show by The Factory Theatre, ‘Namosaur! Conceived as a cross between Aliens and Apocalypse Now, the show catapults us into the middle of enemy territory on the eve of the Tet Lunar New Year, shepherding Agent Weaver and Professor Chaldarhallohapzrd on a mysterious misson. With the VC behind every bush, and their own superiors keeping everything on a maddening “need to know” basis, the elite Fox company is about to learn the true meaning of fear, and discover their philosophy that “it’s the shit you don’t see that gets ya,” has never been more wrong.

This roller-coaster action comedy features WildClaw company member Ele Matelan, as well as the work of previous WC collaborators Eric Roach, Allison Cain, Manny Tamayo and Matt Engle, ‘Namosaur runs July 26th through August 31st with performances at 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3pm on Sundays.