Friends of the Claw, hear ye, hear ye. Next Tuesday, WildClaw’s own Casey Cunningham takes the stage at the Double Door with her band ElvisBride. If you’ve been to Deathscribe, you’ve heard Casey sing, last year she performed in ALABAMA MERMAID and treated the room to a haunting rendition of “Bang Bang.” This year, she and Matt Kahler teamed up on the sultry duet “I Want You.”  There they are:

 (photo by Venus Zarris)

Casey and ElvisBride are headlining a show at the Double Door on Tuesday, February 5. Doors open at 7:30, first act is at 8, ElvisBride at 10:30. $7 ticket. Some of ElvisBride’s songs are about things like sleeping in, failure, and misplaced vehicles, while many others center on such WildClaw pastimes as head-piking, accidental cannibalism, hand-severing animals, swearing, and wrist stumps (of Hell). They’re catchy, they’re quirky, they’re dark. And they’re fucking awesome.

You can also get into that whole “ElvisBride thing” by participating in their KICKSTARTER. ElvisBride is nearing completion of its first album, and you can help them finish it! A $10 pledge gets you a digital download of the completed album; $20 gets you a hard copy CD; and pledges at higher levels get other sweet EB prizes.