Clearly you are all a bunch of wonderful procrastinators…fear not pretties.  We are working on the problem and you will be able to submit all your twisted little radio plays for us. Be patient.

In the meantime here are some tips:

  1. DON’T SEND US SCREENPLAYS.  Seriously people.  I am not sure how ten minute radio plays became the same thing as a two hour feature film screenplay.  Grumble.
  2. Use proper radio format…look to the BBC writer’s room for inspiration.
  3. Write about something that excites/repels/interests/scares/arouses you. 
  4. Don’t send us stage plays….there is a difference folks. 
  5. Theatre of the Mind…when you have no visuals, your mind gets to play a little.  Enhance that by thinking of the sounds as well as the dialogue and story.  It makes a huge difference.
  6. Remember that because there are no visuals…you need to do things like repeat names on occasion.  And you can’t write sound cues like “man throws himself off a building”…I mean you CAN but as your foley girl…I will hate you.  Think about how you can make that visual happen with sound and dialogue.  The audience won’t know what that thud is (probably a sack of potatoes)…but if you add lines like “Don’t do it Chet!”  and  “Oh no that dude just jumped!” then people might get it.  Got it?
  7. And once again…don’t send us screenplays.  Seriously.