Tragic tragic Carrie.  I love this flick.  It is arguably the best adaptation to film of Stephen King’s books.  It has so many nightmarish moments: bullies, getting your period in school, bitchy teen girls, getting your period at school, scary religious moms, getting blood dumped on you at school, dating the Greatest American Hero, and competing with Amy Irving’s hair…and so much more.  It is a great high school revenge story for all those girls who want to not only stick it to the popular girls, but see them burned alive for their crimes.  yet, it is still extremely tragic in tone and you feel for Carrie…you cheer for her when she gets crowned even though you know what is coming…

A can of scary psycho-kinetic whoop ass…not how you want to end your most magical night of your high school career.

And Piper Laurie (who also has fabulous hair…) is quite possibly the scariest mom on film.

Also…”dirty pillows” is by far my favorite boob euphemism…boobiphism…whatevs.