Totally unsolicited plug here:

Last weekend? Weekend before? Lady Morlock and I stopped into this joint not once, not twice, but THREE times in the space of three days.

Up until then, we had the same experience I’m sure you did, traveling down Milwaukee Ave, passing the sign

and thinking “hell yeah I want to check that place out.”

Do it. It’s that cool. It’s the book shelf my Dad and I would have if we had a sweet bachelor pad together and I hadn’t lost half his John Norman collection back in the eighties.

Speaking of the eighties, that’s the truly glorious thing about the used vinyl. Yeah, there are the obligatory water-damaged CSN albums and whatnot, but it’s mostly about the deep, strange and specific eighties shit. I grabbed an Art of Noise disc I’d been hunting and presented Lady Morlock with TIM CURRY’s SOLO RECORD!!! You heard me. Tim Curry, swaggering and free-styling over crappy Eddie Money beats. It’s incredible.