I am thinking that sunday might be spent in a dark theatre…as there are not one but TWO movies I am dying to see: Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman.  First both movies contain ridiculously hot men. Christopher Hemsworth, aka Thor…ye olde abs forsoothing of yumminess and Michael Fassbender…who might just make my List after this film.  (His turn as the double agent in Inglorious Bastards was sooo good and his Magneto…well I need only say wetsuit….yum).

Anyway, we are talking about horror here as well.  Snow White & the Hunstmen, based on the trailers, seems to be taking the fairy tale to a dark place.  The visuals from the trailer and stills look stunning.  I believe Colleen Atwood did the costumes.  She is Tim Burton’s go-to designer and such a perfect choice for a dark fantasy film.  If the movie is half as gory as the original Grimm tales, then we will at least get some bloody hearts, poisonings, some dead virgins, and dwarves.  Sounds like a horror movie to me.

The Prometheus film…that may or may not be an Alien prequel…has a killer cast.  Charlize Theron is the luckiest babe in Hollywood right now to be competing against herself this weekend.  Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, and oh yeah…MICHAEL FASSBENDER as an android no less.  The trailer gets my blood pumping and my palms sweaty.  Nothing like a good summertime chest burster.  Plus it looks like we get some all new tall white creepy guys…and hopefully the traditional Giger cockroach aliens.

So grab some popcorn, sneak some Junior Mints into your purse and head to your movie theatre.  Then let your pals at WildClaw know what you thought about these films.  And give my love to Mr. Fassbender if you see him…