Ugh.  I came across this while costume shopping yesterday.  Near dark has been released on blu-ray…which is awesome.  But they have ‘twilighterized’ the cover art.  Notice how sparkly the handsome Adrian Pasdar is now…AND he has the amber eyes.  The whole image is blatantly ripping off the Twilight poster.  Now I am not a twilight hater…in fact I kind of enjoy them.  Call it a guilty pleasure.  But I love Near Dark.  Love it and there is almost nothing sparkley about it.  So why they would trick people into thinking they are going to get a pretty vampire love story when they will actually get a gorey-backwoods-outlaw-vampires-in-recreational-vehicles movie is a bit mystifying.  However I do chuckle when I imagine how a twi-hard teen would react to this