Lady Morlock has a cold.

An evil, soul-sucking, Klingon Death bbwsdatewebsites Flu – type cold. She’s actually suffering most from a sore throat and cough, but Mr. Morlock, ever the fan of assonance, typed “demon sneeze” into the Yahoogle Bot.

So I’m tempted to replace the modern-day, robotically polite “bless you” with a more sincere attempt “to drive away the demon by frightful sounds and gesticulations, and by hideous grimaces and contortions.”

I now know that someone named charlie longfield has done his sneeze research too.

And I took an absolutely wonderful journey with this song:

Although we may never cross paths again, I for one am glad that “Lemon Demon Still Exists.”

Seriously, though, (since this is supposed to be a horror blog.) Has there been a horror film working with the superstition (universally cross-cultural, it seems) that demons enter your body when you sneeze? I mean, other than this one.