DEATHSCRIBE X – A Few Words with Travis Williams

Now a five-time Deathscribe finalist, Travis Williams is no stranger to the festival. Previous pieces include The Wall (2012), Strange Weather (2013), Back In Baby’s Arms (2015), and last year’s Bloody Axe winner, The Quake. Travis is co-writer and co-creator of the original web series The Park with Adam Hinkle and Stone Soup Theatre Project. He is currently developing scripts for screen and comic books.

What additional projects do you have, previous or pending, that we can brag about for you?

I just launched the pilot episode of The Park, an original web series I co-wrote and co-created with Adam Hinkle. It’s a project I’m very excited about and honored to be creating alongside the community. In short, it’s about violence prevention on Chicago’s north side. You can view the first episode and learn about the project at

Also I’m really excited that my nephew will be performing in the first radio I ever wrote, The Wall, which premiered at Deathscribe 2012. That will be going up November 2nd – 5th at Sinclair Community College in Dayton Ohio.

How did you get into horror?

I got into horror as a kid. I was introduced to all the classics through my grandmother and my mom during our many trips to the local video store.

What excites you most about writing horror, compared to other genres?

Getting to explore how fear manifests itself in people’s lives is one of the most exciting things I love to explore in the genre. Also seeing something I’ve written creep people out is fun.

What was the hook for you in this story? What came first, the story or the sound?

The story. The characters.

What do you consider the biggest challenge in writing for “radio,” compared to traditional theatre?

The biggest challenge is stringing sound and dialog together to create environment, character, and tension.

What sound would you most like to see/hear performed in a Deathscribe piece?

Somebody being pulled into a drain pipe… Like the sink scene in The Blob. I would love to watch the Deathscribe foley artists rock a scene like that.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Deathscribes?

Stay inspired. Keep writing. Keep creating. And don’t go into the woods alone at night.

DEATHSCRIBE X will take place Monday, December 4th, at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. Click the link below for more information.
Travis Williams
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