Tim Griffin

Deathscribe 11 Finalist - "Subject #9"

Tim is a three-time Deathscribe finalist (including Imaginary Fiend-2015 and Dead Ringer-2016). Last year, his adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was re-adapted by the Hypocrites Theatre Company and produced at the Mercury Theater. Other writing work includes stage plays Deadworry, Ticklebrains, Murder in Mirthburg, Closer to Free, and Re: Alice, as well as the short films Snare and The Cellar Job, and the full-length creature feature Tail Sting. A graduate of Illinois State University Theater, Tim has performed on stage and/or screen in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin, and Moscow, and is also an accomplished musician and fight choreographer. He is of indeterminate age and is currently at large.